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Welcome to my site!

As of this year I am now fully retired and I am taking the first step in living my dream. I am in the process of selling my house and downsizing.  I will be mortgage free!   I will be able to write on a full-time basis and complete my second book, Return to Hangtown. The story is a sequel to my first book, Hangtown, a historical romance set on the Oregon Trail in the 1840’s.  The heroine of the story is Sara Long.  Sara has just turned twenty and has found herself with child.  In order to save her family from the shame she would bring upon their name she sets out to find Jake Hanson, the father of her child.  The last letter she had received from him was that he was striking it rich in Placerville, California, aka Hangtown.  With the help of  her Aunt Faye, she scrapes enough money to join a wagon train that will take her from her small town in Missouri to the treacherous challenges of the Oregon Trail.  Armed with little money, shaky hopes and the wild determination of finding Jake Hanson, she sits in the pouring rain, awaiting the arrival of the wagons.  Feel free to check it out on My pen name is Mary Mckimmy, in honor of my mother.



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